William Shatner Involved in Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining!


In Murphysboro, a city in Illinois, there is still an abandoned mill. For a little while, there wasn’t any use for this but currently there is. A Vancouver-based programmer, with the support of spokesperson William Shatner, recently announced its plans to flip the deserted Illinois mill to a Bitcoin mining performance. It’ll be an operation that’s solar-power based. 

William Shatner Enters to Bitcoin Mining 

On Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune noted that William Shatner, Star Trek Legend, is representing Solar Alliance, a Canadian alternative energy programmer. The report mentioned Solar Alliance is thinking about converting an abandoned mill to a solar-powered Bitcoin mining centre. This is intriguing, however there are a couple things to notice. 

First, simply as Solar Alliance is constructing a Bitcoin mining centre doesn’t indicate the corporation will probably be mining themselves. At the moment, the strategy would be to rent the Bitcoin mining centre to real mining companies once it’s completed. But, there’s absolutely no set date for when that is going to be just yet. Solar Alliance must renovate the building and set up the panels . That will take a while, but the company didn’t state it is expecting to begin searching for potential tenants at the close of the year. 

It is worth mentioning that because Shatner is included in this procedure does not mean he is a Bitcoin fanatic. The Hollywood legend said the idea is so odd to him“and when you start to grasp it, it is logical.” Personally, I could not agree more, Mr. Shatner.

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The Takeaway

Today, Bitcoin mining has gotten quite a controversial issue recently. Many are concerned about the ecological effects it is likely to have on the entire world. But, using solar for Bitcoin mining might well offset the large demand, so it’s going to be intriguing to understand how the project advances over the upcoming few months. 

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