The Five CRYPTOACTIVES with the largest capitalisation in the last week


During the last week the cryptocurrency market has been stable compared to the high volatility that it presented during the first weeks of the year. While those days passed, the price of most cryptocurrencies declined and the total cryptoactive market lost much of its global capitalisation.

However, throughout this week the price of bitcoin remained stable around 11 thousand dollars and the price of ether stabilized close to one thousand dollars. A value that holds after having reached a maximum of $ 1,400 a few weeks ago.


This cryptocurrency, which offers the exchange between different cryptoactives through a kind of decentralized exchange house, returns to occupy this list for the second consecutive week. On this occasion with an increase of 49% in the last seven days.

At the beginning of the week it presented a value of 5.98 dollars and reached a maximum of 10 dollars on January 23. After this he had a correction of almost 30%, reaching a price of $ 7.51 per unit. Despite this, it quickly recovered and each asset is currently exchanged for $ 9.87.

This currency, which has raised suspicions of being a scam, does not have a very active community and has not presented any subsequent development or important event that has stimulated the rise in its price, so there is no clear reason to explain the increase in the price. same.


This token is the digital asset of a company that manufactures technological equipment using blockchain technology. SIRIN LABS has offered both a smartphone, which has raised nearly $ 160 million in pre-orders, as well as a desktop computer. These equipment that, among other things, will work like a cold wallet.

During the last week the price of his token has increased by 54%, which has taken him from an initial value of $ 1.89 to $ 2.55 at the time of writing; although it presented a peak on January 22, day in which its token came to be exchanged for $ 3.80.

The reason for this increase, in addition to the success of the presale of your smartphone, is a series of promotions and events that have been announced. Also call the attention that the prize of one of these events is an encounter with Leonel Messi. To participate, users must share information about SIRIN LABS on their social networks. The person with the most “likes” will win the contest, so it is very clear that this event will attract a lot of potential buyers to the company.


Walton is another cryptoactive that appears for the second consecutive time in this list. This coin, whose representatives are in the People’s Republic of China, seeks to create a business ecosystem by integrating Distributed Accounting Technology (DLT) with the Internet of Things (IoT).

On this occasion Walton presented a steady growth. At the beginning of the week it presented a value of 27.24 dollars, while at the time of writing, its value is of $ 41.75. An increase of 56% according to CoinMarketCap.

One of the reasons that may have stimulated this increase is that this project was the winner of the Blockchain Company Most Highlight award last Friday, January 19th. Award that was delivered at the First Blockchain Forum of Southeast Asia, held in Bangkok, Thailand.


Aeternity is a platform to create intelligent contracts that connect external channels to the blockchain technology and that also offers a scalability potential according to the needs of each application.

This week its value began to fall during the first days, going from $ 1.78 to $ 1.41. However, this project has carried out a large number of events in different countries around the world, including Venezuela and Spain, which increases the visibility of the platform and its cryptocurrency, accelerating its adoption. The advertising strategy proves to be having an effect, since after reaching the floor of $ 1.41 it rose to $ 2.90 per unit. The more people know the potentialities of this network and acquire their tokens, the more the value of it will increase.


Finally, the asset that has grown the most in the last week is IOSToken, the currency of the Internet of Services project, which offers solutions through the chain of blocks for service providers.
The week began with a unit value of only $ 0.04 and peaked on January 25, when each IOST cost $ 0.13. The peak of its rise coincides with the moment in which CoinMarketCap began to account for its market capitalization. After reaching the milestone just mentioned, it dropped to $ 0.08 per asset, a 100% increase with respect to its initial value.

IOST was the cryptoactive that grew the most during the last week, especially because it was listed in two big Asian exchange houses: HuobiPro and Binance. These exchange houses handle a large volume of the global market, so it is logical that the currencies that enter these platforms will benefit from being offered to these large customer bases.

As we can see, the market remains very stable and unlike the exceptions mentioned in this article, most currencies maintained their price throughout the week. It should be noted that the contrast between the beginning of this new year and the last weeks of 2017, in which the market was in an accelerated growth and the cryptocurrencies increased up to 300%; while in this case the largest increase was only 100%.

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