Positive day for cryptocurrencies: 84 of the top 100 rose in price


After several days of falling, the cryptocurrency market seems to have revitalized today. In fact, of the hundred main cryptocurrencies, 84 rose in price, among them the most important, as we will see below.

Bitcoin had an increase of 5.47% compared to yesterday and its price is USD $ 11,798.80. In the last 24 hours operations have been made for more than USD $ 8.4 billion.

For its part, Ethereum had a higher growth: 13.77% more than yesterday at the same time and now has a price of USD $ 1,217. Of the ten main currencies, it is the second with the highest increase.

Positive day for cryptocurrencies: 84 of the top 100 rose in price

The one with the greatest recovery was NEM, which rose 19.69% in the last 24 hours. We must remember that the price of this currency was affected two days ago by the hacking of the Japanese exchange Coincheck, the largest cyberath in cryptocurrencies in history. However, the developers of the currency made it clear that the technology of this had no relation to what happened.

Other increase to be noted are those of Ripple at 6.50%, Bitcoin Cash at 7.07%, Cardano at 8.79%, Litecoin at 4.58% and NEO at 6.33%.

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