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LOVE Island 2019 is well underway, with tears, tantrums and glistening tans reminding us summer is finally here! But which contestants are already a hit with punters and who is slacking?

The bookies have been naming their favorites to win the ITV2 reality series and walk off with the grand prize of ÂŁ50,000. Here’s all of the odds for the couple up to now…

Love Island Predictions 2019

  1. Which girl will win Love Island 2019?

Surfer Lucie Donlan isn’t merely a hit with all the guys in the Grove, but the bookies also, as she’s your favorite to win the series, with bookmaker Coralgiving her odds of 7/4.

Following closely behind her is air hostess Amy Hart, who has odds of 5/2, meanwhile beautician Amber Rose Gill has a 9/2 chance of winning the ITV2 competition.

Soon-to-arrive Molly-Mae Hague comes in at 6/1, whilst scientist Yewande Biala was given chances of 7/1.

Meanwhile, pharmacist Anna Vakili’s likelihood of winning seem slim to none, as now her odds stand at 10.1.

  1. Which boy will win Love Island 2019?

Coral has predicted sandwich guy Joe Garratt will be crowned champion when the series boils down to the final couples.

The 22-year-old catering manager has chances of 7/4, meanwhile Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury, 20, is at 11/4.

On his tail is Curtis Pritchard with chances of 10/3 and firefighter Michael Griffiths at 10/1.

Sherif Lanre has seen his odds of winning increase, as his odds now stand at 12/1 compared to 14/1 in the start of the series.

Drawing the short straws are Callum MacLeod and Anton Danyluk at odds of 16/1 and 20/1, respectively.


Top Love Island odds 2019



Joe Garratt  7/4

Tommy Fury  11/4

Curtis Pritchard 10/3

Michael Griffiths 10/1

Sherif Lanre 12/1

Callum MaLeod 16/1

Anton Danyluk  20/1


Lucie Donlan 7/4

Amy Hart 5/2

Amber Rose Gill 9/2

Molly-Mae Hague 6/1

Yewande Biala 7/1

Anna Vakili 10/1


Joe Garratt and Lucie Donlan  5/2

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart 4/1

Tommy Fury and Lucie Donlan 6/1

Tommy Fury and Amber Gill 14/1

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague 14/1

Joe Garratt and Amber Gill 16/1

Anton Danyluk and Molly-Mae Hagu 33/1

Callum Macleod and Molly-Mae Hague 33/1

Curtis Pritchard and Yewande Biala 33/1

Tommy Fury and Anna Vakili 33/1

  1. Which couple will win Love Island 2019?

Lucie and Joe were early favourites to win the contest but when Tommy ripped them apart Curtis and Amy quickly rose to the top of the list.

Curtis, 23, along with also the 26-year-old air hostess are strong contenders with 4/1 odds, following the recoupling on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

But, bookies are still gambling on Lucie and Joe, given their intimate bond, with 5/2 chances on the twosome to make it all of the way to end and nab the 50,000 prize money.

The upcoming likely pairing to win are Tommy and Lucie with 6/1 chances, then Tommy and Amber with odds of 14/1.

Trailing behind the bunch are Anton and Lucie at a likelihood of 50/1.

  1. Who will win Love Island 2019 out of the girls?

Blonde surfer girl Lucie has already proven a huge hit one of the Love Island guys – with numerous men fighting over her in the initial coupling. Only time will tell if she’s remains popular, or when she leaves the villa prior to making it to the final.

26-year-old air hostess Amy Hart disclosed she’s NEVER had a boyfriend, but is hoping to hit it off in the villa and find love.

Yewande Biala – 7/1

The 23-year-old scientist in Dublin has brains and beauty, and a fairly nice accent. She’s also Iain Stirling’s fave to win.

Amber Gill – 7/2

Geordie beauty therapist Amber was loath to step ahead to get a man at first, so clearly prefer to hedge her bets. But will she establish over-cautious and overlook making the final?

Like Amber, London pharmacist Anna was rather reluctant to step ahead for a guy. As the episode progressed though, she appeared to take a liking to Sherif, so we’ll see…

  1. Who’ll win Love Island 2019 from the boys?

The proverbial cat among the pigeons, Tommy Fury arrived in the Grove with Curtis at the conclusion of the season 5 premiere. Not only is he the brother of Tyson Fury, he’s a boxer in his own right. Let’s see if he gets KO’d or is termed the winner.

As his name would suggest, 23-year-old Curtis is the brother of Strictly celebrity, AJ Pritchard. Maybe he’ll dance his way into the final?

Sherif Lanre – 14/1

Things seemed pretty hairy for fighter Sherif when he first entered the Love Island villa, but it seems a love between him and Anna might be in the works.

Catering company proprietor Joe is now the bookies’ favourite guy. He is already making himself understood by the ladies and will potentially go the entire hog.

Callum Macleod – 8/1

28-year-old Welsh aircraft engineer, Callum, has already been likened to last year’s Dr Alex – but would it be his accent? Describing himself as a”real” guy, here’s hoping he’ll find his partner in crime at Casa Amor.

The Scottish fitness center owner has stirred up a storm – not just revealing his mother shaves his BUM, but also by grafting on several girls within the first half hour. Impressive!

Michael Griffiths – 7/1

Scouse fireman Michael certainly appears to be in it to win it – but can he make it into the closing? Or collapse at the first hurdle?

When can I see Love Island?

Summer has definitely arrived as Love Island has FINALLY landed on our TV screens!

Series five kicked off Monday, June 3, 2019 at 9pm with a bumper launching series and the initial coupling.

You will have the ability to get your fix of the show every night on ITV2 where the main show provides us the lowdown on all the goings-on in the villa – from couples cracking on to singletons getting mugged off.

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