Is Ripple’s testnet used for conducting Thailand-based DeeMoney’s services?


While powerful resistance in government bodies has crippled cryptocurrency’s adoption previously, the recent participation of non-financial businesses leveraging crypto continues to be a differentiator for prospective users. Because of this, crypto-leaders such as markets and token suppliers are on a partnering spree, geared toward gaining monopoly over emerging and new markets.

Leading this race is Ripple, the crypto-tech giant now speculated to operate the whole system for Facebook’s forthcoming stablecoin. Furthermore, the business made news because of its many partnerships with fintechs and banks around the world. While Ripple was open about these statements, a Twitter user, @Covalent5, discovered a new code that indicates Ripple’therefore host used to host DeeMoney’s service. The tweet read,

“Ripple – DeeMoney – MoneyGram”

Resource: @Covalent5

The screenshot details using Ripple test system for conducting DeeMoney’s services. DeeMoney is a Thailand-based financial institution that’s now partnered using MoneyGram for allowing international distribution of monies. While the customer IP address on the screenshot is personal (generally to bypass detection), the code uses a URL which points into Ripple’s official ripple.com server.

The # & code 8217;s chief URL uses xctest, and it is a frame to write unit test for Xcode jobs. Moreover, the code indicates using nginx high performance server that’s now employed by companies like Netflix and Github, which has also led speculators to consider that the actuation of this undertaking.

While not one of the firms involved, such as DeeMoney, Moneygram and Ripple have openly declared any venture, Ripple’s current moves in the global marketplace have given gas to these speculations.

In what might be Still Another affirmation, crypto-enthusiast @TimDoerr, farther assessed the URL about the screenshot and found out,

“Actual outside speech below points to Ripple’s hosted Amazon providers ”

Resource: @TimDoerr

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