Defend Crypto: There’s a Definite coordinated Attempt by high-profile Shareholders to Drive this meme, says Tim Swanson


Kin Foundation, one of the chief powerhouses behind the progression of Kin ecosystem, began an initiative against the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission, a’Defend Crypto’ campaign with a $5 million fund together with Coinbase. The campaign intends to choose the SEC to courtroom, together with hopes of obtaining better law, a fresh Howey Test for cryptocurrencies so as to find out that token is a safety and that isn’t.

Also, Defend Crypto has its own dedicated site, where the staff is asking donations to their origin. The site said,

“Kin is reluctant to let that occur and is putting aside $5 million with Coinbase to carry them in court. However, with the potential of crypto at stake, $5MM may not be adequate. That is why we’re calling others to bring about the Defend Crypto Fund”

While this movement gained a great deal of support on crypto-Twitter, there were influencers who stood against this particular initiative. Including Preston Byrne, a renowned attorney in the cryptocurrency area, also Tim Swanson, Creator of Post Oak Labs, that moved on to lose a light on Kik, the Canada-based messaging program.

Tim Swanson said that Kik was a job based in 2009the exact same year since the Facebook-acquired WhatsApp. Swanson further said that Kik had four funding rounds until 2015, using its”expansion flatlined — not able to depart or locate fresh VCs,” adding that it increased $100 million in 2017 via KIN ICO. This ICO was subsequently subpoenaed by the SEC for its chance of KIN being a securities offering.

He said,

“Before you move contribute to Kik / / Kin’s brand new self”DefendCrypto” demanding effort, do a little googling to learn the way they speak from both sides of somebody’s mouth”

This was followed closely by Swanson pointing out that the ICO was originally established on Ethereum, but was afterwards moved into the Stellar blockchain”after which a branch of Stellar.” Tim Swanson reasoned,

“There might be a situation for”protecting crypto” (cyber coins) against officially bad legislation but that does not seem to be true . There’s a clear coordinated attempt by their high profile shareholders to induce this meme since they don’t have any capability to liquidate their own KIN holdings”

But Ted Livingston, Founder and CEO of Kik, reacted to Swanson’s comment, saying that”many quotations” were taken”out of context” due to which the investigation was wrong. He included,

“Please proceed re-watch the first movie, or listen to this podcast. These themes are discussed”

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