Bitcoin Miners Diversifying from China into the US over Regulatory Concerns


Bitcoin miners in China are looking for diversification from this nation due to the expected crypto mining ban, the Chinese government’s considerate stance regarding cryptocurrency, as well as the rising pressure from the continuing trade war with the United States.

Squire Mining into Host 41,000 ASICs

Canadian-based blockchain company Squire Mining, a top miner from the world concerning hashpower, has signed a letter of intent trying to sponsor over 41,000 Bitcoin ASICs in america. This movement is part of a agreement with Kevin Turner-led Core Scientific, which will be a blockchain and AI business.

Already, Squire has dedicated about $6.37 million into the deal to sponsor prepayments while Core Scientific intends to invest at least 12 million in development of infrastructure to accommodate to the relocated equipment. The Canadian Bitcoin mining company has close ties with all the founders of Bitcoin SV Jimmy Nguyen and Craig Wright, that are now Chain executives and they also double as consultants to Squire Mining.

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Bitcoin Mining: Centralization of ASICs

That is regarded as a sign of a substantial shift in the PoW ecosystem. Squire’s movement is an advantage for the decentralization of both Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, in Addition to Bitcoin SV networks. Research previously has pointed out that over 70percent of crypto mining is situated in China with numerous sources suggesting that nearly all of the mining occurs from the Guangdong province. This is a significant concern since the concentration of hashpower within 1 area raises the vulnerability of misuse, censorship, and even seizure by government authorities.

The most significant bitcoin mining companies, in addition to ASIC designers, are thinking of hedging their operations out of China and transferring their distribution chains off to other nations to decrease the impact of regulations from governments in China.

Center Scientific CTO said that the company might compete with Bitcoin mining companies in China. Even though the prices are high because ASICs are manufactured in China, they still enjoy regulatory security in the usa.

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