Belarus General Prosecutor Warns About Cryptocurrency’s Utilization in Tax Evasion


Belarus’ overall prosecutor has increased concerns regarding the function cryptocurrency may be playing tax evasion, neighborhood daily news outlet TUT.by reported on June 4.

Discussing as Belarus hosted the International Prosecutors Association’s regional convention, Aleksandr Konyuk said the time had come for the majority of attendants’ government to examine cryptocurrency usage.

Belarus was among the earliest nations in the region to create formal laws around bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, announcing them lawful 2017.

“The significance of cybercrime is clear,” he told the convention, that saw representation from Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Kazakhstan and Latvia. Konyuk lasted:

“Multiple fresh understandings have emerged, and it’s required to study the problem with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. All these are items which are entering our own lives. By way of instance, cryptocurrency represents a significant danger of tax evasion.”

The notion that cryptocurrency plays a significant part in cybercrime proceeds to emerge from several authorities, while critics play the concept it is getting perpetrators’ go-to lending procedure.

In accord with the legal landscape, Belarus’ largest bank signalled in January it was interested in assembling a cryptocurrency exchange.

In neighboring Russia, meanwhile, with which Minsk has exceptional financial ties, governments continue to waver over how to take care of cryptocurrency usage.

Most recently, the nation’s central bank said it had been against legalizing bitcoin and altcoins to be used as a payment tool. The following lawmaker delivered a verdict very similar to Konyuk’s in remarks last month.

compared to Belarus, the nation’s major state-owned Sberbank stated it was stopping its crypto plans because of the Bank of Russia’s negative position.

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