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About us

Webcryptocurrencies is a digital newspaper that covers all the information related to Bitcoin and Ethereum technology, currently known as Blockchain or Distributed Accounting Technology, and the decentralised applications derived from it: cryptocurrency, intelligent contracts and others to discover. We offer our readers the latest news, prices, trends, analysis, advances and educational information about this technology that promises to revolutionise the foundations of society as we know it.

Webcryptocurrencies was created in 2016 by the need for English-speaking users to have a reliable source of information on decentralized crypto-technology.

The leader in blockchain news, Webcryptocurrencies is an unbiased media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic specifications and abides by way of a strict set of editorial policies.

Our Mission Statement

Webcryptocurrencies seeks to contribute to the education of the world’s population about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain technology, cryptomoney and other decentralized applications, keeping it informed of the most relevant events about the development of this technology and its impact on everyday life.

Our Vision

To be the world leader in news and information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and other decentralised applications. As well as the main reference in mass education for the world’s population on the issues in question.

Note: This text should not be taken as, and is not supposed to give, funding suggestions. Please behavior your personal thorough analysis before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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