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The Ethereum Foundation detailed Tuesday the way an estimated $30 million will be invested by the company on key jobs within the ethereum ecosystem.

The team stated that $19 million was earmarked within the following 12 weeks to be set towards”constructing the ethereum of tomorrow”

Significantly, this comes with an ambitious scaling update dubbed ethereum 2.0,”layer 2″ climbing jobs like Plasma, among other development and research endeavors.

Still another $8 million is more detailed to be invested within the following 12 weeks on encouraging the present ethereum mainnet through competitions like ethereum 1x.

“Ethereum is utilized in manufacturing now to secure billions of dollars of resources and as a foundation layer for many countless live programs. We think it is essential to keep on encouraging these efforts to make sure the’Ethereum 1.0′ has been the world’s leading smart-contract platform,” the Foundation stated in a blog post released Tuesday.

The last $3 million is allowed for programmer increase and awareness. As mentioned in the article, the cash will be put towards: programmer education and on-boarding, coordinating the annual ethereum seminar Devcon, encouraging”regional ethereum neighborhood associations,” and so on.

Within the previous year, the Ethereum Foundation invested a reported amount of $27 million awarding financial grants to 90 different jobs. The maximum amount of grants, 23 in total, went towards ethereum projects focussed on scalability.

All together, the Ethereum Foundation holds roughly 0.6 percent of ether, equal to about $160 million, in addition to some reservations of money. As stated in the current blog post, sources”are meant to reduce over time” along with other third party celebrities like the MolochDAO are invited to have a bigger role in encouraging growth from the ethereum ecosystem.

“Efforts such as these give us greater leverage from our present resources, and also help build a more sustainable route for financing vital jobs into the future,” the site article detailed.

Talking to CoinDesk, executive manager of the Ethereum Foundation Aya Miyaguchi included:

“I know that many seem to the [Ethereum] Foundation as a significant voice if our purpose is to enable other crucial contributors to ethereum…We will continue to release several distinct varieties of updates, such as the latest from supported teams shortly.”

Ethereum Foundation executive manager Aya Miyaguchi. Picture accepted by Christine Kim. 

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